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口试测验技巧第一篇:掌握主题: Part 1



  1. 艺术与文化: Tell me about a painting you have seen.
  2. 野生动物: Are their any special animals that represent your country?
  3. 饮食: What kind of restaurants are popular in your country these days?
  4. 环境: What do people do in your country to protect the environment?
  5. 运动: Why is basketball so popular in Taiwan?
  6. 教育: Tell me about your high school.
  7. 休闲娱乐: What is there to do at the weekend in Taipei?
  8. 电视与电影 : What kind of TV shows are popular in Taiwan?
  9. 音乐: What kind of music do you like to listen to?
  10. 科技: How do use technology in your job?
  11. 时尚流行: How interested are you in the latest fashions?



冒点险: 广泛多元的字汇(既使有些可能是错的)胜过于完美无瑕的但是有限字汇的表达。
试着用描述的方法解释不懂的字汇: 所有的人都有无法想出正确想讲的字的时候。如果这状况发生在你身上,试着用别的方式来解释同一件事。最重要的是你能表现出你有能力表达你想讲的事物。
说谎! 不要顾忌地欺骗考官! 他们对于你说的事情的真实性没有兴趣,他们只想看到应试者有广泛使用语言的能力。例如,如果你对艺术没有兴趣,你可以编谎说你喜欢印象派的作品,说你觉得印象派作品: refreshing, exhilarating, delightful, charming, inspired, innovative, energising and cathartic. 这可让你的回答更有趣。

IELTS雅思口试第一部分: 4至5分钟

在这一部分,你必须回答与日常生活有关的主题。通常是有关你,以及你从哪里来。以下看看这些问题示例,以及两位学生 Jackson和Beyoncé的回答。你觉得谁的回答比较令人印象深刻?

主题: 野生动物


Q:What kind of wild animals are there in your country?
A:Dog and cat.

Q:How do people feel about these animals?
A:It's cute.


Q:What kind of wild animals are there in your country?
A:Well, there are a variety of interesting species which can be found in mountainous areas. There are a lot of types of insect which grow very large due to the sub-tropical conditions, such as mantis and a lot of other bugs I don't know the name of in English, and there are also a lot of mammals, such as the famous Taiwanese black bear.

Q:How do people feel about these animals?
A:To be honest, most people think the insects are pests, although they are obviously important in the food chain. But people are very fond of the black bears which they feel represent Taiwan, and there is a lot of conservation work being done to protect their habitats.


Q:Are there any traditional ways of dressing in your country?
A:The most well-known outfit for women is called a qipao. It's kind of tight-fitting silk dress. It looks quite sexy.

Q:How popular are these clothes with young people?
A:Qipao are still worn by some people. They are quite fashionable in other countries too. But apart from that, I don't think traditional ways of dressing are as common in Taiwan as in some other countries, like Japan and Korea.

主题: 休闲娱乐


Q:Tell me about some popular leisure time activities in your country.
A:Sleeping. And watching movies and going shopping.

Q:Why is going to the movies so popular?
A:You can get the latest information.


Q:Tell me about some popular leisure time activities in your country.
A:Apart from shopping and going to the movies, lots of people like walking in the mountains around Taipei. There are also several hot spring resorts near the city, such as Wulai, which are very popular at the weekends.

Q:Why is walking in the mountains so popular?
A:Let me think. I guess it's because people's lives in Taipei can be quite stressful, but the city is surrounded by mountains and forest. For example, there is Yangmingshan and Elephant Mountain. People can go to these places quite easily when they have a day off and get some exercise and fresh air, and also enjoy the beautiful scenery.


  1. 他并没有真正回答第一个有关野生动物的问题。
  2. 他以很有限的字汇表达。
  3. 他的回答很简短。
  4. 当他不知道特定的字该怎么讲时,他决定放弃不讲。
  5. 他的回答有可能是任何一个国家,他并没有解释到他国家特别的地方。
  6. Beyoncé的回答很有力,因为:

    1. 她花了一些时间想答案,而且都给完整的答案。
    2. 她表现出她知道许多不常用的字汇。
    3. 她用了许多的示例。
    4. 她遇到不会讲的字汇时没有停下来。
    5. 她会解释中文字的意义。
    6. 我们从她的回答中学到台湾一些有趣的资讯。
    7. 更多的IELTS雅思考试口试测验练习,请查询以下的网页