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The IELTS Test Report Form is the standard proof of candidate's English proficiency, which shows candidate's scores for all four skill areas: listening, reading, writing and speaking, and the overall band score. The IELTS test result is valid for 2 years from the test date. 

The IELTS partners take the responsibility of providing test results extremely seriously.
As part of the standard quality control procedures designed to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test, test results are routinely analysed.
Results are only withheld when we are not confident that they are a true reflection of the test taker's level of ability. Results might be cancelled after it has been issued if any irregularity is identified.
We make a commitment to over 9,000 organisations and more than 2.5 million test takers around the world who take IELTS annually that it is a secure and fair test. The above measures are simply part of the process of honouring that commitment.


Time for Test Report Form Issuance BACK TO TOP

IELTS Test and IELTS for UKVI Test:
Candidates who completed all the modules of the written and speaking tests and had their photograph taken on the test day successfully are eligible to receive their Test Report Forms
The IELTS Test Result will be issued on the 13th day after the written test.
The test report form will be send out to you by registered mail on the 13th day after the written test, and the post office requires 1 to 3 days to process registered mail. 
Candidates are advised to use to the IELTS Test Dates Checking System to check the precise online result and Test Report Form issuance dates.
We will give you only one copy of the Test Report Form.

IELTS Life Skills Test:

Test results are normally available within 6 days of your test.
All Test Report Forms will be sent by registered mail. No test report form pick-up services.
We will give you only one copy of the Test Report Form.

Online Test Result BACK TO TOP

Our Online IELTS Results Service enables those candidates who register for IELTS with the British Council to view their test results online after 12pm on the 13th day after the written test. Just simply click here and enter your 6-digit candidate number, ID number and personal details as required. Please note that the online result is provisional and should not be used as an official confirmation of your achievement. The online test result will only be available on the 13th day after the test, and within 28 days of the test date.

If you apply for the IELTS test by using our online registration system, you also could log into the system to check your test result.

Test Report Form Sending Tracking BACK TO TOP

Please contact Examinations Services of the British Council to get Registered Mail tracking number after 2 working days of the score publishing date.

Notice to Candidates BACK TO TOP

• The IELTS test result is valid for 2 years from the test date. However, some universities, organizations or embassies may have their own regulations concerning the period of validity. Please confirm with your institution before use.

• Candidates won’t be eligible to receive their Test Report Forms if they are absent for any module of the written/speaking test, disqualified during the test, fail to have their photographs taken before the completion of the test, or if their test results are voided after the test.

• It is not possible to give test results over the telephone, by fax or e-mail. Test Report Forms cannot be replaced in case of damage or loss. We cannot provide a photocopy or test result verification service.

• The Test Report Form will be issued in the candidate’s name as it appears on the identity document used at registration. If candidates find that their personal details (name, birth date, etc.) are incorrect on the Test Report Form, please contact Examinations Services of the British Council to request amendment.

• If candidates change their name after receiving the Test Report Form, the name will not be changed on the Test Report Form.

• We reserve the right to delay, withhold, or recall the Test Report Forms; modify or cancel the test results; or ask candidates to re-take one or more test components under exceptional circumstances.