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4 FREE Exclusively to the British Council IELTS Takers

IELTS Ready Premium

  1. Once you have booked your test with the British Council, log in to the Test Taker portal  to gain access for IELTS Ready Premium. 'IELTS Ready Premium' offers personalised resources that get you better prepared for IELTS. It's free and available exclusively to all British Council IELTS test takers! You can use it from the moment of your successful registration until 7 days after your test date.

Free IELTS Study Group

  1. specifically designed and lead by senior IELTS teachers from the British Council every month. Study group aim to provide you the most efficient skills to achieve a higher score with the abundant preparation resources in the light of four modules.

Free IELTS Scholarship

  1. indiscriminately the degree you study for, or the country you apply for, the IELTS Scholarship subsidizes the tuition with NTD100,000 for those successful applicants every year.

Free Test Date/Venue Chang

  1. the most touching service is you can change to any test date or test venue five weeks prior to the IETLS test date you already registered for without any additional fee.