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Computer-delivered IELTS familiarisation test

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Computer-delivered IELTS familiarisation test

Experience the computer-delivered IELTS test system before you sit the real test, and know what to expect on the test day.

Key features and benefits of the practice test:

  • Free full sample version of the computer-delivered IELTS test - Listening, Reading and Writing questions provide 2 hour 30 minutes of questions, exactly like the real IELTS test
  • Both Academic and General Training tests available - Whatever reason you are considering IELTS, we have the test for you
  • Free results provided for Listening and Reading sections, sent directly to user-provided email address
  • Do as much or as little of the test as you choose - Unlike the real IELTS test there is a “Finish section” button to advance through the test, meaning once you are comfortable with what to expect from each section you can fast forward onto the next section at any time
  • Accessible anywhere at any time, no need to book or register in advance
  • Accessible on computer, tablet and mobile for your convenience (It is recommended to use the familiarisation test on a large screened computer to best replicate the test day experience)

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