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Prize winners 2023

Hsuan-Hui Liu

2023 IELTS 1st Prize Winner
Master in Management and Innovation HEC Paris & Technical University of Munich (France & Germany)

Taking an IELTS test gave me the opportunity to open my door to a broader range of educational opportunities abroad. By achieving a strong IELTS score, I am able to pursue advanced degrees and specialized courses that are not readily available in my home country, thereby expanding my knowledge and skill set. Also, the competitive IELTS score I have achieved will definitely help enhance my competitiveness in the job market and create opportunities for career advancement, potentially leading to more fulfilling and lucrative positions.

I-Yin, Tsai

2023 IELTS 2nd Prize Winner
MSc Social and Public Communication, The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

My career goal is to work as an advocate in an international NGO, and proficient English communication skills have become crucial on this career path. Therefore, learning IELTS has become an indispensable key to achieving this goal. As an advocate for various issues, I need to possess excellent oral and written communication skills.

During the preparation for the IELTS exam, I continuously improved my English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with a particular emphasis on enhancing my speaking skills. This has not only been greatly beneficial for my future work and interviews but has also boosted my confidence in facing upcoming exam and interview challenges. Therefore, the importance of learning IELTS is self-evident.

Hung-Wei, Lin

2023 IELTS 3rd Prize Winner
Medical Affairs MSc, King's College London, UK

By obtaining the IELTS certification, I have become eligible to pursue my dream of enrolling in the prestigious Master's program at King's College London. This pivotal achievement opens doors to a world of opportunities, propelling me towards a rewarding professional career and a life filled with boundless personal growth. IELTS has equipped with unwavering confidence in my English language skills. I am now empowered to actively engage with the global community, forge meaningful connections with people from various nations, and establish an extensive international network. In this rapidly evolving world, confining my aspirations solely within the boundaries of my home country feels insufficient. As technology bridges the gaps between nations, I am eager to broaden my perspective, embrace diversity, and relentlessly pursue excellence on a global scale. Without IELTS none of this would be possible.

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